Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you willing to go any length to get sober?

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  • Q. Is 5A an inpatient rehab center?

    No, it isn’t. 5A offers transitional housing and is ideal for those who just finished an inpatient treatment program. We are a safe temporary stopping point on the road to a full and sober life. People who need acute detoxification help or medically-supervised assistance receive services in a different environment than ours.

  • Q. How do I know if 5A is the right fit for me?

    We know that 5A meets the needs of a particular group of people. Not every person in recovery needs transitional living. And not every person is ready for the freedom our homes offer. If you are newly sober and fully committed to living without alcohol or substances, you may be ready for 5A. We tell prospective clients that they must be prepared to go to any length to stay sober.

  • Q. Does 5A follow a 12-step program?

    Yes, all of our residents must have a sponsor and follow a 12-step program. We require each client to attend at least one meeting every day and to establish themselves with a homegroup. 5A offers a large number of meetings on-site for residents. However, they also must attend a set number off-site each week as part of the transition.

  • Q. Can 5A clients have jobs outside the home?

    Absolutely! Having a job is a requirement to remain in our homes. Since moving on to a functional life in society is the goal at 5A, a job is a crucial piece of this plan.

  • Q. Are there medical services on-site?

    The 5A program does not involve medical care or include medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for recovery. Vivitrol and Antabuse are allowed. Because clients are free to come and go, they can see their physicians and other providers as needed.

  • Q. Does 5A serve only men?

    Nope! We have two houses to serve our clients. One residence is for men, and one houses men and women.

  • Q. What does a typical day look like in one of the houses?

    Our setting is one of the least restrictive options available for those who are new to recovery. Residents may come and go during the day and must hold down a job. We provide two on-site meals each day, as well as a sack lunch. 5A also provides transportation for clients who need rides to work or meetings. Meetings happen in the house every day, along with household chores. Sunday mornings at 8:00 are mandatory meeting times.

  • Q. Who owns 5A?

    Alcoholism & Addiction Assistance Association is a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization governed by a board. Client fees and private donations support 5A. Our philosophy is people over profits. We are here to serve.

  • Q. What if I have more Questions?

    We look forward to answering any more questions you may have. Please contact us.