Halfway Houses Phoenix AZ

Craig Shell's New Solution

4430 N. 23rd Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85015



For men and women needing transitional housing or halfway houses in Phoenix, AZ, Craig Shell’s New Solution can be just the right fit. This is a co-ed house that serves people in recovery. Those who need a temporary spot to stay while they move further along in their sobriety can find a home here.

This house is the newest location for the Alcoholism & Addiction Assistance Association (5A). It offers a safe, welcoming place to call home. Both 5A locations serve to move clients forward in their recovery with the aim of preparing them to live a new normal life.

Open since 2004, the New Solution has been welcoming men and women who are ready to commit to a life of sobriety. We offer two meals a day and transportation to meetings outside of the residence. These pieces of the program allow us to support our clients in their journey.

Craig Shell’s New Solution is ideal for those who have completed an inpatient program. Generally, right after an intense rehab situation, people aren’t quite ready to return home. The 5A residence offers an alternative plan.

With the freedom to come and go, the New Solution clients can ease into their return to home life. They hold down jobs and work a 12-step program as they process this transition. The 5A house gives clients access to local employment, dining establishments, and volunteer opportunities. It is also close to transit for clients who need to get to appointments and other obligations.

The road to living a fully sober and whole life is not smooth and is not traveled quickly. It can have bumps and potholes and dangerous twists. But with the security of Craig Shell’s New Solution, you can have help on that journey.

The supportive staff understands how difficult it can be. And they are eager to serve those who are ready to commit to a new life of sobriety. When the intensity of inpatient rehab ends, the New Solution is a perfect next step.

If you or a loved one needs this level of support, reach out today. You don’t have to do it all alone.

A Beautiful Small House With A Front Glass Door

Hope House

316 N. 11th Way Phoenix, AZ 85006



This original 5A sober living Phoenix residence has been serving men in recovery since 1968. Started by Tony Paskalakis, this beautiful home provides a refuge for the residents as they work their journey to wellness. This residence is a men-only house under the direction of 5A.

With daily meals and transportation to off-site meetings, the Hope House is able to meet our residents’ needs. This support gives them a safe way to maintain their sobriety and prepare to return home when they are ready.

Nestled in a Phoenix neighborhood, Hope House has decades of experience in helping men succeed in recovery. The residence offers easy access to local restaurants, work opportunities, and transit. Since residents are free to come and go during the day, many enjoy taking walks to stay busy and healthy.

The Hope House can provide respite for 32 men who are ready to commit to a life of sobriety. The staff is here to help because we know that sober living is not simple or easy. We know that our clients have enormous demons to overcome in their journey.

But we also know first-hand that sobriety for life is possible. And the Hope House offers the tools you need to make that commitment. This home is a less-restrictive setting than some sober living houses in Phoenix. So the 5A Hope House sets up our clients for a successful re-entry into their home life.

If you or a loved one needs a safe transitional home to stay sober, then the Hope House may be the right spot. Even when someone is ready to live a life of sobriety, they may not be prepared to do it at home. The Hope House is the right middle ground for many men in recovery.

Are you ready to stay sober? Are you eager to reclaim a healthy life of wholeness? But do you need some help to make that transition? 5A is here to serve at the Hope House. Reach out today for your next step.