What do we do?

Alcoholism & Addiction Assistance Association (5A) Helps Those on the Addiction Recovery Path To Maintain Their Sobriety.

Since 1970, 5A has provided a solid ground for newly sober people to claim as their foundation. 

Finding the right fit for people after they finish inpatient care can be challenging. It is overwhelming for some people to leave the safety of that situation and move directly back into “normal” life at home. Stress and expectations can lead to relapse. People often begin an online search for a “halfway house near me” as they look for hope.


Our Message

Affirming Human Dignity

and providing clean, safe, sober living environments for newly sober alcoholics
and drug addicts who truly have a desire to change their lives
We provide hope-filled transitional living to help these people continue living a sober life.

They may have achieved milestones of 30, 60, or 90 days, and now are unsure what steps to take next.

Through their time with 5A, our clients prepare themselves to stay sober while functioning within their community. More than 50,000 men and women have chosen to start a new life with 5A. 

The proven 5A framework of practical support, along with a personal understanding of the journey, enables our residents to find success in sobriety. Our clients are our purpose, and their continued sobriety is our passion.

Since 1970

Over 50,000

men and woman have called 5A “home”

Framework & Guidance

We provide a solid ground upon which newly sober alcoholics and addicts can adopt a manner of living conducive to maintaining permanent sobriety now and in the future.

Supportive Community

Clients are the purpose of our work and we support them in every step of their journey. We offer over 50 on site 12-step meetings weekly and our reputation precedes us globally as a leader in recovery.

Affordable Living

We make sure that our clients are equipped with the basic necessities to start their new life. We provide all clients with housing, meals, and transportation to and from meetings.

Are You Willing To Go Any Length

To Get Sober?

If you are, we have the help you need.

How Can You Help?

Your donation will help us save and improve lives.

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